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Μετά τον εφιάλτη της περασμένης βδομάδας, που δυστυχώς συνεχίζεται σε όλη την Ελλάδα, και ενώ ευτυχώς όλα τα άλογα είναι σώα και ασφαλή, ο ιππικός όμιλος Βαρυμπόμπης υπέστη τρομερές ζημιές.

Όλοι μας ξέρουμε πόσο σημαντικός είναι ένας όμιλος για τα άλογα και τους ανθρώπους τους. Ας τους βοηθήσουμε να ξαναφτιάξουν το σπίτι τους!

Για κάθε παραγγελία ψηφιακών φωτογραφιών από 10.08 έως 31.08, το ανάλογο ποσό (5 ευρώ ανά φωτογραφία) θα κατατίθεται απευθείας από όποιον κάνει την παραγγελία στο

Στη συνέχεια θα του αποστέλλονται οι φωτογραφίες!

  1. Μας στέλνετε τους κωδικούς των φωτογραφιών
  2. Το screenshot με την κατάθεση στο funding
  3. Σας στέλνουμε τις φωτογραφίες

Οι φωτογραφίες δεν έχει σημασία αν είναι πρόσφατες ή οχι αρκεί να έχετε τον κωδικό

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My Kingdom for a Horse – Opening Night

Last night was the opening of our exhibition ‘My Kingdom for a Horse’ and it was beyond our expectations!

Every single person contributed to making it a very successful opening! Your support was overwhelming and means more to us than you can imagine. A big thank you to everyone who came and supported us, we felt the love! And a special thank you to Joanna, because everything starts with an idea, to ‘ΦΟΥΑΡ’ for hosting us and to Dora, you made it what it is! Thank you!

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My Kingdom for a Horse

Jewellery and photographs inspired by the equestrian experience

1-14.4.2019 – ΦΟΥΑΡ

1st floor, Mitropoleos 72, Athens

Exhibition Opening: 1.4.2019 – 20:00

Incapable of finding a way out during battle, Richard the 3rd exchanges his kingdom for a horse… 

What happens when two artists consciously devote their lives to this beautiful creature?

Joanna Glynou is a jewellery designer and Mariana Gkliati, a photographer.

From a very young age, their lives were closely linked to horse-riding. They both describe the relationship they developed with the horse as ‘the horse effect’ or ‘the virus’, confident that anyone who has ridden at least once, will know exactly what they mean. 

Their passion, which as they say, at times either seized them or accompanied them in a latent form, couldn’t but be for them a basic source of inspiration during their artistic challenges.

The sense of freedom, the admiration of a horse’s beauty and power, the tenderness of the relationship between a rider and their horse but also the riding equipment itself;  the accessories and the details of the everyday life that man and horse share, become the primary material with which both the women will work, each in their own field. 

Joanna, working with silver and gold, transforms images of an equine nature into unique jewellery pieces through abstract drawing lines.

Meanwhile Mariana, with her camera imprints views of the equestrian experience on various prints and dimensions, different to the ones we are used to.

On account of this exhibition, the two artists mainly want to try and convey the feeling of the fundamental relationship between man and horse and want to share their big passion, their love, and essentially their own way of life with the visitors.